load_file(“/includes/top.html”);load_file(“/includes/navmenu.html”);HOMELIFENew collection shows Pierre Cardin’s ambition for young marketBy Ai Pang Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/19 19:18:40load_file(“/includes/article_shareup.html”);A new wedding collection from French fashion house Pierre Cardin Photo: Courtesy of Zhang ShuangA new wedding collection from French fashion house Pierre Cardin Photo: Courtesy of Zhang ShuangA new wedding collection from French fashion house Pierre Cardin Photo: Courtesy of Zhang ShuangA new wedding collection from French fashion house Pierre Cardin Photo: Courtesy of Zhang ShuangWhen the fully dressed bride and groom stepped down from a hovercraft onto a sandy beach and walked into a nearby community hall, you couldnt help but being moved to tears by such a romantic scene. In fact, they were one of eight couples featured in a new wedding collection from French fashion house Pierre Cardin, which released its 2020 Spring/Summer Collection in early September. “Evolution is the central idea behind the new collection and the show,” Fang Fang, China region chief representative for Pierre Cardin, told the Global Times. “The whole world is changing. So we hope to let more people know our new concept.”Always young The show, featuring 110 new looks from the brand, was held at Aranya community hall, a hot new destination for young Chinese people located in Qinhuangdao, North Chinas Hebei Province. The message was clear: The new collection was aimed at young people. According to Fang, famous fashion mogul Pierre Cardin was inspired by respect and vision for the universe. “Evolution has made the world what it looks like today, starting with the Big Bang,” she said. “He really hopes to dialogue with young people and evolve the production line.” Out of the total 110 new looks, 18 were carefully selected by Cardin himself and the rest were made by Chinese designers with his guidance. With three series including sport, trend and luxury, the show covers key words tagged by young Chinese people. Abundant usage of bright maroon colors full of lines and vigor make the new sport series stand out and prove that sport can be fashion as well. Logos and graphics have been added to hoodies and jeans using Japanese textile and embroidery technique. These kinds of designs and details show the clear message that Cardin hopes the brand can be accepted by people in their 20s. “[After the show], they will think that Pierre Cardin clothing can be very young and full of vigor, different from some peoples impression that they only belong to old people,” Fang added. Environmental protection The show kicked off with swimming suits, the very first time in the brands history. Two male dancers dressed as mermaids performed with bubbles. All of a sudden, they were trapped in man-made nets, a symbol of human beings lack of appreciation of life. “Waste sorting is a hot topic now. So we feel it necessary for us to remind people of the importance of environmental protection,” she added. “It can be seen as a great progress in that the topic has raised public concern. We need to help fish swim freely in the sea.”Newspaper headline: Aesthetic evolutionRELATED ARTICLES:Fashion tech Forum on fashion design and application held during Beijing Design WeekNet fury at basketballer over bad fashion choicePosted in: FASHION/* * * CONFIGURATION VARIABLES: EDIT BEFORE PASTING INTO YOUR WEBPAGE * * */var disqus_shortname = globaltimes; // required: replace example with your forum shortnamevar disqus_identifier = 1164919;/* * * DONT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE * * */(function () {var dsq = document.createElement(script); dsq.type = text/javascript; dsq.async = true;dsq.src = https:// + disqus_shortname +;(document.getElementsByTagName(head)[0] || document.getElementsByTagName(body)[0]).appendChild(dsq);})();Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by comments powered by Disqusload_file(“/includes/channel_right.html”);load_file(“/includes/footer.html”);$(document).ready(function($){$(“#channel-list .row-content”).each(function(){  if($(this).children().length==1){$(this).children().css(width,100%);}

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