load_file(“/includes-n/article_top.html”);load_file(“/includes-n/float_share.html”);SOURCE / COMPANIESTencent Cloud’s data loss sparks concernsByZhang HongpeiGlobal Times business reporter covering TMT, auto and commercial space sectors.Zhang HongpeiPublished: Aug 13, 2018 09:38 PMload_file(“/includes-n/article_share.html”);The recent metadata loss experienced by a start-up company that was using domestic cloud services provider Tencent Cloud has aroused widespread concern in China over data security, and it might put a dent in the business of domestic cloud services providers ahead of the possible return of Google.Tencent Cloud, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings, was reported on Wednesday to have led to metadata damage for its client – Beijing Qingbo Data Control Technology.Beijing Qingbo said on Wednesday on its Weibo account that it had conducted thorough communications with Tencent Cloud and cleared up any misunderstandings. The two sides have reached a business solution that they both recognize, it said.The Beijing-based start-up did not offer any other details when contacted by the Global Times on Monday.Tu Zhiyuan, vice general manager at the cloud computing and big data center of Beijing-based CCID Consulting, told the Global Times Monday that there are no 100-percent safe, reliable public cloud services providers at the moment.”Most small businesses opt for the public cloud computing providers such as Alibaba Cloud or Tencent Cloud due to their low costs and high flexibility in expanding equipment as needed,” said Tu.In the Tencent Cloud case, Tu said the provider should strengthen its management and permission settings to prevent human error.”Cloud services providers can develop cooperation with insurers to handle such cases, while there is no such operation at the moment.” As for businesses like Beijing Qingbo Data Control Technology, they should not rely entirely on a single provider. “Why not back up on one more platform?” he said.On August 7, Tencent Cloud said in a statement on its WeChat account that the data loss was caused by improper procedures since its employees broke operational rules concerning data relocation.The news came amid reports that Google has been in talks with Tencent about jointly offering cloud computing services in China. “Foreign providers have the advantage of accumulated technology while domestic players have a cutting edge in localized services,” Tu noted, adding that Googles cloud is bound to pose limited challenges for domestic players.”Given its previous retreat from China, it will take time to see if Google can develop steadily after it re-enters the market. Besides, it takes time to develop cooperation with local businesses when offering cloud computing in China,” Tu explained.The data loss became public knowledge when a statement on Beijing Qingbos Weibo account on August 5 said it had suffered a data loss on Tencent Cloud on July 20 after using the Tencent platform for eight months.It said that all of the companys data – including backup files – was lost and could not be recovered, the South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday.The August 5 statement could no longer be found on its Weibo account as of press time.load_file(“/includes-n/article_share.html”);load_file(“/includes-n/article_most_view.html”);var wxs = (function() {return navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf(micromessenger) !== -1})();if (!wxs) {/* * * CONFIGURATION VARIABLES: EDIT BEFORE PASTING INTO YOUR WEBPAGE * * */var disqus_shortname = globaltimes; // required: replace example with your forum shortnamevar disqus_identifier = 1115161;/* * * DONT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE * * */(function () {var dsq = document.createElement(script); dsq.type = text/javascript; dsq.async = true;dsq.src = https:// + disqus_shortname + .disqus.com/embed.js;(document.getElementsByTagName(head)[0] || document.getElementsByTagName(body)[0]).appendChild(dsq);})();}Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.blog comments powered by Disqusload_file(“/includes-n/footer.html”);load_file(“/includes-n/addthis.html”);

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