中文版日本語HomeNewsKenyas first special economic zone project kicks offFrom:Belt and Road Portal  |  2017-07-12 13:40The ground-breaking ceremony of Kenyas
first special economic zone (SEZ) was held on July 7 in Eldoret, western
Kenya, Xinhua reports.The SEZ, named Africa Economic Zone
Pearl River, is jointly built by Africa Economic Zone, a Kenya-based company and
Guangdong New South Group from China.The SEZ, with an investment of around
US$2 billion, is expected to create around 40,000 direct jobs and 150,000
indirect jobs once it goes into operation.Industries to be introduced into the SEZ
will include agro-processing, high tech, furniture, textile, machinery and
building.The first phase of the project is
scheduled to be completed within two years.”China has accumulated rich experience in
industrialization in its reform and opening up over the past severaldecades,” said Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto, who believes
that the joint venture will greatly help Kenya to learn from China to
boost its industrialization.Zhu Layi, President of Guangdong
New South Group, said that the SEZ will introduce advanced industrial and
manufacturing ideas from China and efforts will be made to ensure enterprises
settling in the SEZ are fully qualified, so as to help Kenya achieve
sustainable development.分享到Produced by International Economy & Culture Exchange Center
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