load_file(“/includes/top.html”);load_file(“/includes/navmenu.html”);No policy barrier for Taiwan enterprises to list in the Chinese mainland: Taiwan Affairs Office of the State CouncilSource: Global Times Published: 2020/11/25 13:16:15load_file(“/includes/article_shareup.html”);Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson with the Taiwan Affairs Office of State Council. Photo: VCGThere is no policy barrier for Taiwan enterprises to list in the Chinese mainland and they will enjoy equal treatment as their mainland peers, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said at a press briefing on Wednesday.An increasing number of Taiwanese firms are opting to list in Chinese mainland, which not only could help them raise the capital needed for development and elevate brand image, but also could make them integrate better to the economic development process of the Chinese mainland, Zhu said.The comments came after a jointly held meeting between the Taiwan Affairs Office of and Chinas securities regulators, which aims at addressing policy for Taiwan firms seeking to list in mainland markets.  More than 100 representatives from Taiwanese enterprises and those looking to go public in the Chinese mainland participated in the meeting. Zhu said that in the next step, the Taiwan Affairs Office will carry out the spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and take effective measures to facilitate a better environment for Taiwan enterprises in the Chinese mainland.  “We will support Taiwanese firms to grow bigger and stronger through accessing the Chinese mainland capital markets, share the development opportunities of the Chinese mainland with them,” Zhu noted.So far this year, a total of six Taiwan enterprises have launched IPO in the Chinese mainland, raising 4.8 billion yuan ($720 million) in total, setting a 5-year new high, according to data released by the Taiwan Affairs Office. From 2016 to 2020, there were 19 Taiwan companies in sectors such as electronic manufacturing, material and precise instrument, listed in the Chinese mainland.RELATED ARTICLES:The 6th Forum on Chinese Culture held in Peking University calls for more exchanges across the Taiwan Straits Taiwan should engage in dual circulation with the Chinese mainland: experts Taiwans new submarines cant make waves in StraitsPosted in: ECONOMY,COMPANIESvar wxs = (function() {return navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf(micromessenger) !== -1})();if (!wxs) {/* * * CONFIGURATION VARIABLES: EDIT BEFORE PASTING INTO YOUR WEBPAGE * * */var disqus_shortname = globaltimes; // required: replace example with your forum shortnamevar disqus_identifier = 1207991;/* * * DONT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE * * */(function () {var dsq = document.createElement(script); dsq.type = text/javascript; dsq.async = true;dsq.src = https:// + disqus_shortname +;(document.getElementsByTagName(head)[0] || document.getElementsByTagName(body)[0]).appendChild(dsq);})();}Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by comments powered by Disqusload_file(“/includes/biz_right.html”);load_file(“/includes/footer.html”);$(document).ready(function($){$(“#channel-list .row-content”).each(function(){  if($(this).children().length==1){$(this).children().css(width,100%);}
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