中文 | EnglishHomeLatest NewsIntroductionCase PresentationHomeCase PresentationFUJITSU Help China to become a power in ‘smart manufacturing’2018-10-17 13:54:51Fujitsu is the world’s leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, providing a full range of technical products, solutions and services in China’s financial, manufacturing, automotive, retailing and public sectors.Since the Sino-Japanese submarine cable laying project in the 1970s, Fujitsu has maintained a relationship with the Chinese government to keep upthe progress onboth sides. China’s reform and opening-up ushered in the digital wave known as the fourth industrial revolution. Against this background, the Chinese government putsforward the “Made in China 2025,” aiming to become a manufacturing power.Accordingly, in 2016, Fujitsu, in cooperation with INESA (Group) Co Ltd affiliated to the SASAC of Shanghai, started the construction of a demonstration site for the color filter (CF) factory of INESA Display Materials Co Ltd. On the basis of the existing factory informatization such as the automatic production line and the manufacturing execution system, Fujitsu, focusing on the products, sorted out the process flow, the production lines and the overall production process, and combined them with the innovative digital technologies such as big data, intelligent dashboard and the industrial IIoT to help INESA build a transparent and visible smart factory, so as to enhance its smart manufacturing level. The project was selected as the national pilot demonstration project for smart manufacturing.Past Events2015 Innovation & Development–MNCs in Shanghai Best Practice Awards2016 Invest in Green Future–CSR Excellence Awards2017 “Heading Toward 2040: Corporate Innovation and Urban Sustainability” Excellence AwardsAbout EastdayStatementSite MapAdvertisingCooperationContact Us
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