Home    ArticleAdvancedAzul & Viva  Stylish, filled with romantic atmosphere. A diverse selection of Spanishdishes, rich in both flavor and presentation.  Add:18 Dongping Road  Tel: 021-64331172  Typical menu items: Pork Rib, Sesame Prawns  For those who haven’t had the chance to try Spanish tapas, Azul Viva is thedestination for these imaginative and mouth-watering treats. Similar toCantonese dim sum or French canapes in their serving size, but often packing amore filling punch, tapas are a great way to try a number of different flavorswithout the restrictions of typical large-portioned dining.  As most items served at Azul come in sizes that can comfortably feed two,it is quite fun to share with a larger group of friends. This way, even more ofthe menu can be sampled. From the chilly seafood ceviche to the colorfulvegetable salsas, there is quite a lot to try, which may require repeat visits.There is a distinctly South American twist to these Spanish tapas, with potatoesbeing prominently employed. Those concerned that small portions won’t be enoughto fulfill their appetite needn’t worry; while the tapas are indeed modest insize, they are very satisfying.  One of Azul’s most consistently rewarding choices is the beef: littlechunks of tender meat in a thick stew-y sauce (again, lovely with the garlicmashed potatoes) with hints of red wine and boasting a savory richness. Thedangerous thing about the beef is that you may fill yourself up with this dishalone, before the other tapas have even arrived.  In addition to the great food, the service and atmosphere are alsodeserving of mention. Some of the friendly, bilingual staff have an in-depthknowledge of the wines available, but we would simply recommend their amazingsangria-by-the-pitcher.document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src=http://tongji.eastday.com/webdig.js?z=1 type=text/javascript%3E%3C/script%3E”));wd_paramtracker(“_wdxid=000000000000000000000000000000000000000000”)

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